Hi my name is Trinaby! I am currently a college student majoring in graphic design. I have always loved drawing all my life an thought it would be cool to create a webcomic to flex my drawing skills. So, The Marked Webcomic was created. I am excited to share this adventure with you!

The Marked Webcomic is a fully colored comic which follows Lorelei, a bold and focused Nereid. Every tenth child born to a village, camp or city is marked at birth and taken, willingly or by force, to ceremony on their 18th birthday. After the ceremony, the marked are never seen again. Lorelei is one of these marked and for the last five years she has been stick in a Hell like place. Read this comic to discover what this mark is, what happens at the ceremony, and what secrets Lorelei and her six companions will have to unveil in order to save everything.

The Marked comic will be premiering January 18th and will update every Monday and Thursday.

[UPDATE] Due to an increase of work at school, I will be only updating every Thursday. I will probably go back to updating The Marked Comic twice a week towards the end of July when my schedule cools off a little.

Still, I hope you can enjoy The Marked Comic, as I look forward to updating this story every Thursday.