Main Characters


Say Hello to Lorelei!
Lorelei is a complex character on a mission to right wrongs done to her. She is a Nereid. Now the Nereid’s are an underwater race, and they only have three rules.
1. No one may bring outsides to their kingdom
2. No Nereid may kill another Nereid
3. No Nereid child may be born above the water
These laws are absolute, unbreakable by any Nereid lest they suffer banishment, or death…

Lorelei has been accused of all three…


This is Nelly, a Goblin girl from Lawanda and the adopted sister of Jareth. Though she is small physically, she has a fiery personality. Her height may cause people to take her for granted, but she is out to prove herself. Nellie is a strong goblin with strong arms and a strong will.


Meet the towering drakon Jarroth. He comes from a tribe descended from black dragons, which ancestry manifests itself in thin protective scales all over his body. Jarroth is the adopted brother of Nelly, and he is very protective of her, despite Nelly’s own protests of independence. He will always do whatever it takes to keep those he cares about safe.


Introducing Brash!
Brash comes from a tribe that waits until the age of 10 before naming them, based off of their personality. Brash completely deserves the name given to her. With the grace of a ninja and personality of a wild woman, Brash isn’t afraid to do well… anything. In fact, most of the time she doesn’t even think, she just does.

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Announcing Greta!
Because of the scar across her neck, Greta is mute. However, she still finds ways of communicating through her expressive body language and even using magic to make words appear in the air! She is a sweet and energetic girl who is determined to do whatever it takes!


Here’s Carric! This half elf Druid spends most of his time in the wild… as a wolf. In fact, he has spent so much time as a wolf that some may think he has become more animal than man…

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Here’s Scin!
She is a Daemon, a women who is part human, part demon. She’s a smooth talker who uses her feminine wiles to her advantage. She has a past with Lorelei, some of it good, some of it… troubling. Scin faces two sides of herself, one that deals with her demon heritage and one that deals with the human parts of her.