One of every ten children is born with a mark on their shoulder. Those with this mark are treated as kings, and given anything and everything they could want in life. That is, until the year of their 18th birthday, when all those who have reached this age of maturity are gathered together by the government and flocked to the capital of religion, Galen. Those marked are never heard of again.

This story follows the tale of Lorelei, a marked Nereid born of the ocean banished to land. Her past in complicated, her future even more so.



The Marked comic is set in a mid-evil time where magic abounds in many creatures. From humans to elves, goblins and damons (ancestors of demons) all creatures find home in one of these five countries, each run by a God or Goddess:


Named after its founder and now God, Ekon is the largest of the five nations. Survival of the fittest is truest here as power and physical strength are hailed as the most important attribute a person can possess. A yearly tournament is held in which any can participate, the top warriors being inducted into the Kings personal guard. Because of this honor, and the life of luxury that comes from this, peasant and nobles alike train in hopes to be the best, and win this spot.

Magic is looked down upon in Ekon, it is seen as a weak alternative to training ones physical body. In addition, elves and half elves and generally discriminated against, however more unique races are welcome, provided they prove their strength.

Their deity, Ekon, is never called by name by his believers, rather when being referred to, it is proper to call Him, God of Strengh, Strong One, or the most common, All-power.


Also named after its founder and now God, Daana is the smallest of the five nations. It stands in sharp contrast to Ekon, celebrating knowledge and wisdom over physical strength. There are universities scattered across the land designed to teach magic users and knowledge seekers alike anything they could want. The honor guard of the Queen of Daana are comprised of the most renown and talented magic users.

Those to seek physical enhancement, or those who ignore their studies are typically considered bimbos, and while they are allowed in different towns and cities, muscle heads are generally ignored. Citizens do not need to be able to use magic in order to be considered worthy of interaction, simply have a thirst for knowledge, magic or otherwise.

Their deity, Daana, is also never called by name, rather when being referred to, it is proper to call her Goddess of Knowledge, Wise One, or the most Common, The Mother.


Established in the southern region of the world, Galen in home to those seeking peace, tranquility, or shelter. The nation is led by the Vlatka, a political and religious leader who resides in the capital of Galen, which also happens to be the largest city in the world. However, aside from the capital, most places in this nation are merely small towns, usually centered around a church led by a bishop. Life is simple in Galen, and while worship is not necessary, most who live there are highly religious and find peace through the churches teachings. Cendora

There are no prodigious in Galen and all are welcome to become a citizen, however violence is not tolerated. The only ones that are allowed to wield traditional weapons are the Vlatagious, religious warriors who follow the direct command of the Vlatka.

The deity of Galen is Amani, and His name is used a lot, often in blessings to loved ones, or when friends embark on a quest. Amani guide you is most often used.


Established in the south east region of the world, the nation is one of violence and cruelty. Killing is not seen as taboo, rather it is a bragging right, the more kills one has, the more respect they gain. There are some who choose to live as peaceful lives as they can, but those who chose the life of kill collecting are called Hunters. Some gather kills by raiding villages, in this nation or others. Others collect their kills by answering bounties, usually for those who raid, while others serve as mercenaries for hire. Most hunters mark themselves in some way for every kill, a physical representation for those to see just how many people they have killed. Karraar is lead by a Baron, a man who is thought to be the most dangerous killer and skilled fighter. Because of this, the Baron is contently being killed and replaced by someone bigger, better, and badder.

While any is welcome to try and settle in Karraar, most who do are tough and able to defend themselves. Small races are the only ones who would find themselves looked down upon in more than just a literal way, as they are seen as weak and are marked for easy kills.

The deity of Karraar is Lilith, a Goddess who delights in death. Many kills by hunters are done in Lilith’s name. She is often depicted bathing in blood.


The last nation of this world was established by Kenon, following which they were ordered to not worship him, but to live life as they saw fit. While those intentions were pure, over time, with no real organization, the nation fell to chaos. Now it is simply a wasteland, filled with old ruins of once great cities. There are a few wandering nomads and clans who survive off relic finding, but there is little organization or comradery between the clans. Many Marked flee to this country in hopes of escape, though they are nearly always hunted down.

Each clan in different in Lawanda, some hate humans, some hate dwarfs, some hate everything, though one would be hard pressed to find a clan who didn’t have a prodigious of some sort. Because of it’s history, most clans of Lawanda worship no God, though some have knowledge of the Old Gods, the ones before this world.